In our common goal to #BeatCOVID19, Local Government Units (LGUs) are encouraged to utilize digital solutions for citizen reporting (passive surveillance), close contact tracing (active surveillance), and to implement data-driven policy decisions guided by scientific models made accessible to local governments.

The DOH is providing a means for LGUs to gain access to a set of multi-channel applications developed with partners and integrated to the main database of DOH. These set of applications are donated to the DOH for contact tracing and local analysis. It has complied with standards on data privacy, security, and technical integration together with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) and the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT).

Citizens can report their symptoms in any of these integrated reporting channels:

TanodCOVID is a free SMS service for citizens to report symptoms at no cost. It is developed by ACCCre in partnership with Globe Telecoms.
K.I.R.A Katuwang na Impormasyon para sa Responsableng Aksyon” is a chatbot service in the DOH facebook messenger and DOH community viber group where citizens can report symptoms and access bite-sized information on COVID-19. It is developed by AI4GOV and AIAH in partnership with Facebook and Viber
Web Triage
KontraCOVID is a web triage where citizens can input their symptoms and exposure. This is linked to LGUs with active accounts to identify citizens with high risk for COVID-19

Citizen reports are verified and monitored by local government units with active LGU accounts at KontraCOVID

Reports that need further medical consultations are referred to volunteer doctors for consultation or hospitals for testing

LGU Portal
The KontraCOVID LGU portal enables LGUs to verify citizen-reported information, monitor cases, and have appropriate action. All verified information are reported to COVIDkaya used by Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Units (RESU).

Citizens that need medical consultation are referred to the Telemedicine for online medical consultation.

Close Contact Tracing
Close contact tracing can be initiated for confirmed COVID-19 positive cases via the LGU platform. LGUs may also utilize mobile applications with a Google-apple exposure notification (GAEN) function or Staysafe (bluetooth tracing)

Close contact tracing is initiated for confirmed COVID-19 positive cases

Data of verified cases and lab results are analyzed using scientific models and visualized for LGUs

Local Analysis
FASSSTER is a dashboard to guide LGUs for data-driven policy decisions based on socio-economic and epidemiological models. This is developed by ACCCre and UP Manila TeleHealth

These technologies are provided for FREE and can be accessed upon completion of registration and training.